WISMA is a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages educational pursuits to students of West Indian heritage in Manitoba.



1. To provide financial support to eligible students

2. To foster a greater awareness of West Indian identity

3. To develop, enhance, and promote leadership within our communities


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WISMA is an acronym for West Indian Students of Manitoba Alumni


The impetus for the creation of WISMA originated upon reflection of how many of us West Indians came to Manitoba, Canada, and were fortunate to be embraced and supported by the people of Manitoba, in preparing us for the successful lives we live today. 


Upon that reflection, we wondered, what if there are people who have similar potential for leadership and success, but could not realize that potential because they lacked the opportunity.


So WISMA was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between those who have the potential and desire to give, and those who lack the opportunity to realize their full potential.


West Indians represent about 0.05% of the population of Manitoba, and our hope is to bring together all people with Manitoban roots, to fulfill our common goal. We can become much stronger contributors to communities in Manitoba in accepting and forming alliances with people of all origins, creeds, and races.


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