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Required Applicant Award Eligibilty (BOTH apply)

   1. Must be West Indian by birth, or have direct West Indian ancestry

   (actual or adoptive - parent, guardian, grand-parent, etc., who was born in the West Indies).

   2. Must be pursuing full-time (see Note) post secondary training/education at a Manitoba based organization or institution.

      Note: Based on definition of full-time as determined by the applicant's institution.


Award Selection criteria:

   Each Applicant will be asked to complete a prescribed Application form

(see below) along with a paper that speaks to the following general guidelines (any one applies):

      1. Financial need, and academic potential or ability

      2. Significant or positive contribution to community development  (eg. volunteering or special programs/events)

      3. Personal success or contribution to the success of another person or group (eg. team)

      4. Helped at least one disadvantaged person (or people) overcome challenges


Application deadline

   Send applications to e-mail address before May 31 of this year. If you like would like to inquire about submitting for this year please email the committee at Any application received after this year's deadline will be automatically considered for the next scholarship year.


Expectation of Successful Applicants

   1. Acknowledge WISMA's support towards educational success

   2. Student who withdraws or does not complete their program in the school year in which the financial award was provided may be asked to repay the award as assessed by the WISMA Selection Committee.

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